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Brendon has screwed up. He’s split up with his girlfriend and he’s not quite sure why. As he tries to process his part in the break up, he winds up searching for his place in the Universe and discovers that sort of behaviour is for wankers. So he tries to find his faith in... Something, but he’s not sure what.A comic love letter,and a journey through the Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner’s mind, this show is hilarious, heart warming, filthy and has a giant twist in its tail.
This is completely going on the Louie CK download model. I’m aware that I’m not Louie CK but I’m also aware that more people have downloaded my shows illegally than those of people that sell way more DVD’s than I with way more exposure. So like Louie CK did, I would just like to ask people politely, please don’t steal this. We are an independent company shooting everything on a low budget, just me and a few of my producer/director friends. I get it that I’m a bit of a niche guy and the internet is my friend but if it’s OK with you I’d really appreciate being able to keep doing what I do the way I want to do it, without having to fit my square peg of a head into increasingly round holes. It’s just four pounds, emotionally honest and easily one of my five favourite things I’ve ever made. And I hope a bit of a departure from the current standard fare. No deconstruction, no transparent pandering to psuedo-pundits and no adolescent declarations of who is and isn’t funny for a cheap laugh.

Just me, Brendon Burns, fairly decent stand up comic, yelling about the size of my cock with a modicum of eloquence. And if that’s really all you think I do.  Please don’t download this, I’m definitely not for you. Keep me out of your already empty and, thereby pointless, satchel and life. Nice glasses by the way, do you actually need to wear them? It's just that it seems an odd cosmetic decision to anyone that actually has to. Its kind of like a twelve year old shaving. Why would you when it’s going to be a pain in your arse for the rest of your life? Do you see what I did there? I explained the analogy so you could feel clever. Good wasn’t it? I think the bit where I say, “Good wasn’t it?” is the best bit though.

Anyway, I digress. As with the Louie CK model there is a mailing list option. You have to fill in your email if you want to hear from me re: live dates etc... And again I would like to thank Louie CK. For coming up with a new way for all of us to get our stuff out there the way we want to.


Brendon Burns

Please actively fill in your email  if you want to hear from me about live dates and other Brendon Burns related bullshit