Edinburgh 2012 Announcement!

Hi guys, Pleased to be announcing my new "Home Stretch Baby". I will be doing a long run at the Pleasance at the Edinburgh Festival. Check out the details below. B x

Title of Show:             ‘Home Stretch Baby!’
  Venue:                       Pleasance - King Dome                        
Time:                                      10pm 
Dates:                          4th – 25th August (except 9th, 16th, 23rd)
Previews:                  1st – 3rd August                       

  Award-winning Aussie comic superstar, Brendon Burns returns to the Edinburgh Fringe 2012 with his brand new show ‘Home Stretch Baby!’  His last show ‘Y'know Love n God n Metaphysics n Shit’ was performed at the festival two years ago; though last year he played a big part in the award-winning one-off ‘Wrestling’ show at the Pleasance Grand.  This prompted him to open up that World and start gigging in the States with Mick Foley (aka Mankind) from the WWE!  He has been confirmed to perform a show with Mick at this year’s Montreal Festival in July as well as appearing solo at the Gala show.

  In this, his 16th Edinburgh solo show, Brendon embraces the glory of middle-age from an ex rock and roll comic’s perspective.  The home stretch is in sight - the stuggle is over, he’s hit 40 and boy he’s happy enjoying life, living in the countryside and celebrating adulthood.

For two decades now the adopted Australian has been Britain’s most outspoken and number one cult comic. Since taking away the long-awaited Oscar of live stand-up comedy: the if.comedy award for best live comedy show ‘So I Suppose This Is Offensive’ ‘in 2007, Burns has been one of the most prolific and busiest men in show business both here and across the pond.

  In late 2008 Burns recorded not one but two live DVDs for Universal, and aired a special on Comedy Central over the Spring of 2009. Time Out London gave the special five stars and wrote:

“He’s an Enigma wrapped in a riddle, multiplied by a puzzle is Brendon Burns. That and a squawking, foul mouthed pricker of pomposity, whom it’s nonetheless hard to love… the most jaw-droppingly awkward, painful, yet ultimately rewarding piece of stand up we’ve ever seen. He might be irritating but he’s very good.” 

  Also in the Autumn of 2009 Burns made his US TV debut on Paul Provenza’s ‘Green Rooms’ on Showtime as a regular contributer and panellist. Appearing alongside such greats as Eddie Izzard, Andy Kindler, Andy Dick, Roseanne Barr, Larry Miller, Dana Gould and Jonathan Winters. From there Burns recorded his first US album for Stand Up Records in Chicago and tore New York a new one to boot.

  Two years ago he had his first semi-autobiographical novel published “Fear of Hat Loss in Las Vegas” with Transworld.  Brendon is also working on a screenplay of the book with Paul Provenza’s production company, and is due to shoot the film version in 2013.  He is also recording a new stand up album soon in Chicago for release later this year.  Last year he recorded Live From Amsterdam which is due to be shown on Showtime in the States on 31st May, he is also working on a US sitcom ‘Wainhouse’ for Levity Entertainment.


  "…Wisecracks are fine for a few minutes but they soon grate. The stand-ups who can hold your attention for an hour or more are those brave enough to tell you what they really feel, and the modern master of this autobiographical genre is Australian comic Brendon Burns. More like a beat generation writer - Charles Bukowski or William Burroughs, No other stand-up has matched the scope of his confessional trilogy, which traced his descent into madness: you'd need to look to writers rather than comedians to find monologues of such ambition. He understands the first rule of good writing: that the honest truth is often funny and never dull. And that's exactly what you get with Burns."


  “…The most jaw-droppingly awkward, painful, yet ultimately rewarding piece of stand-up we've ever seen”


  '…If you want gutsy, poignant, potty mouthed comedy that'll heal your heart but break your funny bone, then ladies and gentlemen: Mr Brendon Burns.'

METRO ****

  “…absolutely the smartest thing I have ever seen in the comedy ..genius…breathtaking, ruthless…”


  “… truly remarkable… “


  "…Simply a legend in the making…sparkling stuff"


  “Remains undiminished at his blasphemous best”

HERALD *****

   “…An exceptionally funny performer… and ode to the healing power of the human spirit… One of the circuits most intelligent artists”


  “…will leave you gasping at its audacity and awestuck at the way he pulls it off…” 





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